Virtual Reality Arts Labs returns with a 3 day VR Lab in Manchester and Newcastle in Feb/March 2018

Virtual Reality Arts Labs – are a 3 day Play, Make and Create event for VR makers, artists, film-makers, theatre creators, designers, writers, marketing professionals, games developers and engineers who want to learn how to build stories in Virtual Reality.

Throughout 2017 Future Artists held 3 VR Arts Labs, each dedicated to learning about the new art form of VR.

What we learnt via these hands on Labs, through the creation of over 15 VR prototype pieces, was that to create fully immersive story experiences, with a sense of space, character and involvement, requires the skills of a diverse team, with a cross arts creative background – VR is not the space for sole lonely developer (watch our making of films below!)

At the lab we are exploring what makes great VR and leaving the creation of bad VR for everyone else and we do so via a hands on, 3 day workshop.


In February we run our Manchester Lab – entitled ‘Inside the Mind of a Genius’ – here the challenge will be to make a piece of site specific VR with a biographical story of a female genius that has been forgotten by history.


In March, we run our first Newcastle lab, in association with hedgehog labs – where we look at ‘Choose your own adventure games and VR’

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Watch our film introduction about the labs.

and enjoy two short films on the making of experiences in VR from our ‘Ready Player One’ Lab in November 2017.


At Future Artists we believe that understanding theatre, art and storytelling fused with computer science, sociology and an understanding of spatial design are just a few of the key ingredients needed to make the perfect Virtual Reality experience – but as this art form is so new, we need to train the chefs to work together and to explore an ever-expanding pantry of creative tools.



The Labs are designed with creative industry professionals in mind and for students studying Tech / Art / Film /Performance related subjects with an interest in VR/AR – No computer coding experience is required, but an openness and willingness to learn something new, most certainly is.

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