Future Artists Studios models itself on the ethics of United Artists, the artist led and art focused studio ran by Charlie Chaplin. Making central to all its work the motto “without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” (Frank Zappa) Future Artists Studios runs as an arts collective of socially conscious creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who deviate and work flexibly across a variety of art forms including Cinema, Art, Design, Gaming, Theatre, Technology & Digital. The wide remit of the team allows the collective to be both diverse in its talent pool and also in its outlook and ambition.

Rather than sticking to a linear path FAS delves in to projects based in all art forms and has tackled challenges such as hosting large scale events (Creative Directors of The Great Northern 2014-2016), Film production, Artist management, Pop-up Cinemas, Theatre production, teaching Courses and Lectures. The Future Artists Studios Gallery (launching Summer 2016) will house the first fixed location for FAS projects and events. Drop in and say ‘hi’!


There are no upcoming events at this time.

The Gallery


Mark Ashmore the MD of Future Artists built the cooperative with one strong ethos, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” (Frank Zappa). To be able to deviate, to be able to adapt and change quickly via dynamic and creative thought is the core philosophy that makes Future Artists work, and this is something we want to share with the world.

With 1 in 5 regional museums and galleries closing in 2015 we were presented with a very real question, do we allow art culture to be removed from our communities or do we go and build ourselves a new community based gallery, a gallery by the people for the people? Needless to say our answer was… lets go build ourselves a gallery.

As The Gallery is to be a community space, we looked to the community to kickstart its Journey, you can find more information on the kickstarter and Patronage here.

Located on 81 – 83 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 5DF, the Future Artists Gallery will sit in the heart of the Future Artists Campus. The gallery will exhibit works and experiences tied to 20th & 21st century counter and alternative culture and is set to showcase a minimum of 4 in-house shows per year. Beyond that the venue will be used to exhibit local artwork and host local events.

The Gallery is located on the corner of Chapel Street and Booth Street and in total covers just over 800 square foot in area. This falls across 2 main partitioned areas. The Gallery is available to hire for both events and exhibitions throughout the year, please enquire as to availability and hire charge.

Floor space: 800+ square foot
Capacity: 120 people
Utilities: Public toilet, Kitchenette
Seating: Can be arranged for up to 50 people on request
Tech: Super fast 30mbps microwave internet throughout. Projector available on request. Electricity and power supply throughout
Catering: Catering can be arranged from the Home of Honest Coffee which is adjacent to the Gallery, additionally a pop up bar or canteen can catered at request