Founded by Mark Ashmore in 2009, Future Artists is a socially conscious collective of artists with an ethos based on two clear ideals:

  • To model its self on United Artists, the artist led and art focused studio ran by Charlie Chaplin
  • To make central to all its work the motto “without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” (Frank Zappa)

Built from socially conscious creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who deviate and work flexibly across a variety of art forms including Cinema, Art, Design, Gaming, Theatre, Technology & Digital, the wide remit of the team allows the collective to be both diverse in its talent pool and also in its outlook and ambition.

Currently the company is split in to 4 core projects that create a Future Artist Campus:

  • Home of honest Coffee:
    • A socially conscious coffee house and free space
  • Co-working:
    • A progressive and affordable co-working initiative for creatives and small businesses
  • Studios:
    • A counter-culture art collective that produce experiences ranging from film production, cinema, theatrical events, creative pop-ups, art exhibitions and many more disciplines of creative expression.
  • VR Arts:
    • A virtual Reality events provider and consultancy

In the course of its lifespan the collective has taken on challenges such as creating micro budget feature films (The Lost Generation 2014), turning old pubs into arts centres and cinemas (Black Lion 2012-2014) to winning major contracts for events and cultural management (The Great Northern Warehouse 2014-2016) and conceiving and producing an award winning web series (Portal 2015). We will continue to rise to the challenges that confront us and our society, we will adapt, we will deviate and we will share our work with the world.